China’s Increased Air Quality Index

According to Beijing’s Municipal Government, a dramatic increase in the air quality index (AQI) in Beijing has occurred since early January 2015.

The Air Quality Index (AQI)  has been greater than 200 (201-300: Very Unhealthy) in all districts and southern suburban areas of Beijing with a peak of568 on January 15 (> 301: Hazardous). An increase in air pollution is common in all major Chinese cities during winter as a result of burning soft coal for heat.


All travelers are likely to experience serious health effects. 

Members of sensitive groups (people with lung or heart disease, adults aged ≥ 70 years, teenagers, or children) should remain indoors and keep activity levels low.

Others should avoid all outdoor physical activity and postpone such activity until air quality is better.



Image via Shutterstock

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