Health Advisory for South Africa, USA and Republic of Congo

Republic of the Congo – Make sure your Measles is up-to-date

According to Republic of the Congo’s Ministry of Health, more than 600 cases of measles, a significant increase over the average incidence, have been reported since January 2015, primarily in the southern departments of Pointe-Noire, Kouilou, Niari, Lekoumou, and Pool and the northern department of Likouala..

South Africa – Make sure your Tetanus Diphtheria and Pertusis is up-to-date whether you’re travelling or staying in Canada

Diphtheria is a contagious, acute bacterial disease caused by Corynebacterium diphtheriae, an aerobic gram-positive bacillus,
Diphtheria is transmitted from person to person through oral or respiratory droplets, close physical contact, and, rarely, by fomites. In countries with warm climates, contact with discharge from skin lesions can transmit infection.

Diphtheria is found worldwide but is uncommon in industrialized countries because of longstanding routine use of vaccine. Diphtheria causes significant illness and death in developing countries where vaccination coverage is low.

South Africa’s National Institute of Communicable Diseases, 3 confirmed cases (including 1 death) of diphtheria, a significant increase over the average incidence, have been reported in the Durban metropolitan area (KwaZulu-Natal Province), since March 15, 2015. The cases have occurred in children under 10 years of age and are the first cases reported in Durban since 1989. All travelers should be current with a diphtheria-containing vaccine (primary series or booster within the last 10 years). Diphtheria should be considered in any traveler presenting with pharyngitis within 10 days of returning from South Africa.

United States – Hepatitis A 

According to CDC, 27 cases of hepatitis A have been reported in travelers exposed in Tulum, Mexico between February 15 and March 20, 2015. The exact source of transmission is under investigation. Strict hygiene and food and beverage precautions are advised for travel to risk areas. recommend vaccination for all travelers to Mexico.
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