Health Advisories: How do you stay connected?

Travelling to other countries is an experience of a life time, no books, no stories, or articles can give you the sense of adventure that actually taking a plane, a train or a boat to areas that are in other parts of the world, areas that have so much to teach us, to show us and to remember when we get back home.

Living in a developed country , the environment we share  and the environment of other developed or developing countries has so much to teach us, it is a different world out there.  The way of life, the way we cook, the way we talk , the different senses that get triggered and ultimately, the way we think.  It adds such a great value to one’s self, and why not?

why not go out there and experience what this world has to offer?  Yes, we can go and sometimes, health risks will be in front of us, health risks, that we can absorbed in our minds and our bodies, if we are prepared for them, we get ourselves educated in how to prevent them, are we going to be at a high risk? and if so, what can we do about it.?

Yes of course we can.  We can call  a travel clinic and get a consultation, bring our itineraries to check what risks we will be exposed to in our travels.  But one thing we must do is to research our destination and research not only the great things we can do when we arrive, what activities, hotels, etc.  but prior to departure it is crucial we check with websites such as Health Canada, WHO, CDC, if the risks are there and what they are and if you have any questions, please find the answer from a reputable source.

Many diseases are preventable without vaccines,  vaccines help, but also a combination of our common sense will take us further and healthier, use mosquito repellants, follow your gut, and be extra careful with what you put in your mouth, if you can’t peel it don’t eat it.

We as travel health professionals appeal to your curiosity to become involve with your destination prior to departure, check out what you need to pack, what you need to do, what you need to prepare for in case of an emergency, It is not negativity, it is prevention.

Remember, you have saved your money to make this trip, whether far or close to home, the point is that is NOT home, and even out the door from our home, we get prepared, in the summer, we take our sunblock, we take our water bottle, a sweater, we start to  prepare getting out the house, or even out on our own backyard.

So why not check out the destinations we are excited about visiting?  Here are a few sites that will be helpful to have on your favorites, please note these websites are not a substitute for a travel health advise from a travel health clinic. – interactive map with latest health risk exist – general recommendations by country  – updated and current information and links.
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