Get reimbursed for your Vaccinations – Submit your expenses

With all the concerns that you may have, whether or not you are travelling,  Atlas Immunization Services would like to make things easier for you.  This is why we have made information for claiming your vaccination reimbursements as convenient  as possible.

We have information on the top insurance companies that our customers do business with, readily available for you to ease and expedite the process for getting repaid for your vaccinations.

From among the listed top insurance providers on this page simply click on the logo of your insurance company and get access to their claim forms and their contact numbers. Other relevant and related information about claiming from your insurers are also provided.   Each company will have their own set of  requirements and procedures for your reimbursement claims to be processed.  You will need to follow the guidelines to be given by your particular insurance provider.

You will need the Drug Identification Number (DIN) of the vaccine you received.  If you do not have this number, you can easily obtain it by simply looking it up on our  Immunization Prices page.   You will need your receipts so please keep them intact.

Note:  Atlas Immunization Services makes this information available to clients in an effort to aid them with their needs for reimbursement claims.  We employ our best efforts in keeping the information accurate.  However, we are not responsible for any possible outdated or erroneous material or information.  It is always advised that you verify from your insurance company the complete and specific steps involved in the claiming process to  ensure timeliness, as delays are avoided, in the processing of your reimbursement.

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